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Furniture Services:


No matter how big your company's project is, we've got you covered. Send us some new chairs for your office to hold on to or let us hold onto all your office furniture while you relocate. Whatever helps you.

Receiving and Storage

Whether you're in need of somewhere for your furniture to be received, or just somewhere to hold it for a while, ZFurniture Services has you covered. We understand that sometimes dates don't line up perfectly, so we're here to help by offering office furniture receiving and storage. Let us hold on to your office furniture for you until you're ready for it. 

White Glove Delivery

When it's time to move your furniture into your new office, we'll gladly bring it to you. We offer a white glove delivery service so you have less to deal with.


You're busy at the office; you shouldn't have to worry about furniture setup. Leave that to us- at ZFurniture Services we have experienced professionals trained in furniture assembly that can quickly set up your office furniture so you can focus on your business.


If your furniture ever gets worn out and you're in need of some furniture repair, look to ZFurniture Services for your upholstery needs.

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